Warehouse for work clothes and showroom

Functional and planning solution:

The site is a Warehouse for Workwear and Showroom.

The building is divided into two subprojects (Subproject 1 – Warehouse with showroom and Subproject 2 (representing an extension of subproject 1) – Warehouse base with Furniture Store). Subproject 1 is a warehouse consisting of three large warehouses with a total area of ​​3366.58 m2, with a separate administrative part developed on two floors. It consists of a showroom, offices, changing rooms with toilets and technical room.

Subproject 2 is an extension to the Warehouse for workwear and contains 3 large warehouses together (total clear area of ​​1523.53 m2) with a furniture store with a clear area of ​​421.98 m2.

Technical parameters:

  • Built-up area – 5999,61 m2
  • Total built area – 6655,05 m2