Architectural design in Plovdiv - DNArch Studio

DNArch Studio specializes in the design of residential, industrial, warehouse and public service buildings.

We also prepare detailed development plans for changing the way of permanent use of regulated properties and agricultural land.

We cover all aspects of investment design, offering our clients comprehensive services for the implementation of their projects.


We offer full administrative service of the sites, as well as project development in all parts necessary for the issuance of a construction permit and commissioning (Act 16) for the site.

All this happens in cooperation with our partners – design engineers and companies for supervision during construction.

Our philosophy for а good architecture

We strive to create an architecture that manages to balance between the social, economic and environmental impact it leaves behind. Our team implements projects that are permanently integrated into the urban environment and at the same time have their own vision and style. We have an innovative approach and fresh ideas for creating buildings that are in harmony with both the needs of the client and those of the environment.